Saturday, 16 February 2008

WTT selects Goyt for "Trout in the Town' initiative

On Tuesday 12-Feb-2008 I spoke with Simon Johnson, WTT Director (the first time we had been in touch since the AV Sep-2007). I explained where we are stuck: how do we identify precisely which and how many trees to remove, and where and how much LWD to install. If we need it, WTT can provide bursary funding to get us through this stage of the project to arrive at a detailed design.

Simon told me some good news: along with the River  Wandle in London, and the Rivers Colne in Lancashire and Yorkshire, WTT has selected the Goyt at New Mills as a candidate for their "Trout in the Town" initiative. WTT/Trout in the Town has received funding for a full-time Projects officer for two years, and the post should be effective by May/Jun-2008; the purpose of this role is to help clubs who have had an AV and who need to move through the design, partnership, funding and implementation to deliver successful habitat improvements. Simon assures me WTT will be knocking on our door in the summer...

Trout in the Town seems big news within WTT but there is hardly any information available on the WTT website,, or more broadly on t'internet.

Trout in the Town: a plan for improving urban rivers and involving local communities with their future, and the future of struggling wild trout populations in them.

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