Friday, 15 February 2008

DNMAC Goyt meeting - 11-Feb-2008

approx 20 DNMAC members met at the Royal Oak.

Andrew Parker reported back on the 5 points raised at the Jan-2008 DNMAC committee meeting, and on the EA proposal to fell trees/introduce LWD at Strines.

We discussed the next steps:

1) Start recording things
- EA log books (pending - we have requested 50 when they are available)
- - Stuart Taylor offered to investigate invertibrate monitoring
- EA electro-fishing - the information we have suggests the EA does not record above Strines

2) Investigate possible source of funding
? How much will the work proposed at Strines cost ?
! Patrick Field suggested that we must first identify the project scope !

3) involvement with local environmental groups
WTT recommendation

It was concluded that we should

1) form a working group to define the pilot project scope: Max Ainscough, Breck Robertson, Patrick Field and Andrew Parker

2) contact WTT for design guidance

3) plan a working party to collect rubbish, perhaps in Jul/Aug 2008 when there are no fish spawning and the river level is at the lowest - Reg Dearden to liaise with New Mills Town Council

4) plan a working party to take steps to eradicate Himalyan Balsam - Reg Dearden

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