Saturday, 16 February 2008

EA meeting 15-Feb-2008

I met with the EA fisheries technical specialist for North West (South) area, Kevin Nash. Kevin is quite new in this post, but having moved from another fisheries role in the area, is already familiar with the two consultant's reports on the Goyt (APEM and WTT). Kevin brought detailed maps of the river produced by APEM which identify specific habitat such as riffles and glides; spawning and juvenile areas; et cetera, but also problems such as Tunnel Vegetation. 

We agreed that the failed funding bid is not a setback (had the bid succeeded it would have been a bonus) and we will jointly develop a proposal for the Goyt at Strines. DNMAC working group will draft the proposal, then EA will access expertise within the region (there have been no similar river habitat projects within the area) to arrive at a detailed design which can be be put out to tender. (If this expertise is not forthcoming DNMAC can apply to WTT for bursary funding.)

I feel very positive that Kevin has been assigned to help us.

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