Monday, 13 October 2008

Co-op shopping trolleys Sep-2008

Goyt Co-op shopping trolleys Sep 2008
Surveying what rubbish there is dumped in the river in New Mills in preparation for an autumn clean-up I saw a shopping trolley and bike frame lodged under the the bottom of the Millenium Walkway - fairly difficult to access and probably requiring a block-and-tackle winch or a boat ideally to remove.

During the same week I was at Strines and saw two more rusting trolleys deeply embedded in gravel well-clear of the normal river level, and a third in the river. Then downstream of Station Road bridge alongside the new housing development a further two trolleys.

Since they all had once belonged to the New Mills Co-operative store I have been in touch with the company and we are hoping that the Co-op will assist us in their removal.
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