Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Project update 26-Aug-2008

Following an objection regarding Land drainage consent, a shortened form of the Large Woody Debris designed by the Wild Trout Trust will now be installed. This means hinging most of the willows identified and some sycamore where they can be safely secured to see how they perform when the river is in spate. The consent is valid for three years and includes both the Strines and Hague Bar stretches of the river.

The revised date for work to start week is commencing September 15th. The work is to be done by EA Ops Delivery, with technical supervision from Tim Jacklyn (Wild Trout Trust).

Inspections will be made by the EA over the winter to assess the stability of the woody debris. An assessment of the woody debris habitat will also be carried out in the spring by the WTT to determine the viability of the habitat and consider what level of further habitat works is required for the fishery.

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