Monday, 17 March 2008

Proposed working-party - River-walk 15-Mar-2008

On Saturday 15-Mar-2008 Patrick, Max, Breck and Andrew met to plan a working-party on the river. Starting at Waterside Road, Hague Bar and walking up as far as Station Road, New Mills. At the start of the walk, Hague Bar Meadows, and on through Mousley Bottom we found the expected plastic bags in trees following the winter flood, but there were only a few items of larger rubbish: a bicycle, a car tyre. Unfortunately once we got to Station Road we found much more of the larger stuff: piles of car tyres, road works signage, wooden pallets, et cetera.

We will propose a working-party for Saturday 29-Mar at the next DNMAC meeting: short notice but we need to get this tidy-up done before the temperature rises and those Olives start to emerge!

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